A slight stepbackwards?

I made a decision to have lunch out today and normally that’s not a big deal but it is when it involves my weakness Topper’s Pizza. My intention was only to get a salad which except for the dressing is not so bad and head back to my desk. Once inside I gave in to the quick lunch idea, a small personal pizza and salad combo. I thought to mark St. Patrick’s Day I will top it with green bell peppers and my favorite roasted red peppers. It ended up looking more like a Christmas pizza than a St. Patty’s Day one. I headed back to eat at my office desk enjoying the salad and pizza. I tend to eat too fast but I could still tell I was getting a little full. The old me would have shoved every last bit of pizza in my mouth and have called it a day. I picked up the last piece and looked at it again. I asked myself “Do you really want this?, “Is it okay to just throw it away with others starving in the world? Yes I thought that, but more like it seems such a waste. At any rate I said to myself…it is okay. I set it back down, grabbed my other trash and threw it away. I know I indulged and not to make justifications, but I have been really hungry the past few days and I just felt like I needed it. I also have been the same weight for the past week and thought I might need to increase my calories and bust this plateau. Hopefully it won’t backfire. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Overcoming Doubts

Every time I start to think about running 13.1 miles I begin to doubt that I have what it takes to complete that distance. I get a bit overwhelmed thinking I have to do this 3 mile run 4 more times and then some. I worry about my back, my feet and whole body taking a pounding from all this running.  Then sometimes I’ll have a good run and think I could run for miles and miles. So I have to focus on not demanding too much too early. I remind myself to take it one day and one run at a time. Not all runs will go well but some will. Plus I have a little less than 3 months to train and really that is plenty of time. So be gone doubts I will do this.

So for my past week running training plan in review:
I had my second longest miles run in a week with a total of 13.07 down from 14 the week before so not too bad.  This included two runs with hubby – a 5k in Malibu on Saturday and our loop  around our house two times for about 2 miles yesterday.  I also did one of my mile loops 5 times for my long run on Thursday night.

This week:
Today is a much needed day off. However, I plan on doing some stretching and some physical therapy excerises for my back tonight when I get home. Then the rest of the week I have 4 runs to complete ranging from 3 miles to the long one of 6 on Saturday. I also have the option of cross training so I might get a bike ride in for 15-20 minutes.

Happy Running! 🙂

Another Good Run

I got off work yesterday and headed over to see my nephew and niece. One of the kiddos forgot their jacket in my car. At any rate I had asked if they wanted to go on a run earlier in the day and they said NO! It sounded definitive. So I didn’t bother to change into gym clothes before I left work. Well I got over to their house and helped them with homework and when Tom was done he said “Do you want to go for a run Auntie?” I was a little surprised as it seemed he didn’t have that much interest, but I quickly changed. I figured this was the moment. I had to make a choice and I decided it is true that the hardest part is sometimes just getting out the door. So we did. Tom and I on foot and Tia on her scooter. I had mapped out a loop which was about .58miles per loop. So Tom and I thought two miles would be good. So that was four times around. Tia made it twice around before she headed off to soccer practice and Tom and I finished the laps. I was doing pretty well the first lap and part of the second but then I think trying to keep up with a 12 year-old caught up with me. I slowed my pace but I could still feel a stitch coming on. I kept going but slowed down, concentrated on my breathing and it seemed to help a little. It wasn’t as good a run as the day before but it was a good run and I enjoyed the time with my kiddos.

I finally ran

it wasn’t much but I decided that after taking off a week I had to get back out there and get a run in. My original plan was to do a loop around our condo complex but then I forgot I was supposed to pick up some chicken from my mom and the idea struck me…why not run to my mom’s house. The tricky part was that I knew I would never get back in time for dinner so I had to take a chance my mom would not drive over herself and secondly she would have to take me back home and of course she drove me home. Mind you also…it’s only less than 2 miles away and the first part, about a 1/2 mile is all down hill. I tell you though it was a really good run. I am not sure if it was because I was starting the run going downhill or if it was the new tunes from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry blasting in my ear. It all seemed to flow just right.

It also might have had something to do with watching a NOVA special about taking people off the street and training them for a marathon. It’s called Nova: A Marathon Challenge. It’s on Hulu I think or PBS. It made me think if they can take people with no previous athletic skills or routine exercise and train them for a full marathon I should be able to train for a half as overwhelming as that seems at time. At any rate I feel like I’m going to be heading in a better direction this week and that makes me happy. Happy running!!

Come Rain or Come Shine

I have to go for a run. I might have to hit up the dreaded treadmill at the gym but it must happen. I have been procrastinating all week for one reason or another and mostly none of them are good enough. It’s just easier not to and today of all days it seems there is going to be a big rain storm…well anytime it sprinkles in LA it’s a big deal but this one just might be a good storm. I have to get going on my 1/2 marathon training or I will never make it. So run it is! Maybe a run in the rain?? On a side note I must say I did not meet my water consumption goal for yesterday! I made it to 5 glasses only. So today I am going for the goal again. I am also having yummy soup for lunch and will need the extra water. So let’s see what happens!!

A simple goal

to drink more water! That’s my little goal for the day. It’s a struggle to drink water but I figure it’s good for me. I’m always a little thristy. I think because I probably consume just a little too much sodium and simply don’t drink enough water. I’ve also been on a soup kick for the past week and they are full of salt! But they just seem to hit the spot and keep me full for the afternoon. I’ve also been weening myself off Diet Coke even the caffeine free one. I don’t mind water so much and I find it better than most of the “flavored-water” drinks that are out there. Either they are full of artificial sweeteners or sugar (yes evaporated cane juice /sugar…is sugar” so water it is going to be. I’ll be having soup today but I’m hoping between the extra water drinking and the low-sodium (if you can call it that) soup I should be good. I am also hoping it will help with the weight loss as well. Ok back to work and Cheers to water!!

It only got worse

even after the Halloween candy was gone. The temptation to overeat was something I could not manage to resist and it has come back to bite me a big 10lbs. Yikes! What the hell happened? I know what happened. It was overeating, lack of exercise, and quite frankly I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I always seem to have this problem during the months of November and December. I give in to it all and say what the heck indulge in that 50th workplace potluck, bake a pie and make some cookies. All the rationalizations coming in the form of just waiting to make yet another New Year’s resolution to get back to the basics. I did manage to get a little motivation in the form of a note on the  Hollie Self, BL4 Facebook page. She has intiated a challenge to run a 5k in the month of March, specifically the weekend of 12-13th, her birthday weekend.  I already signed up for a 5k in Malibu and might even get a friend to join me and even hubby maybe??  We will have to see on both counts. Even though I have done several 5k’ s and even a handful of 10k’s I feel it is the perfect way to get back to exercising. I am still not quite in the mood to exercise. It’s been cold and the idea of a treadmill bores me, something I will have to work on. Really they are just excuses and not really good ones at that. I just have all these things I want to get done around the house and generally organizing my life. Exercise is taking a back burner even in this new year already. I have in the meantime cut back on my eating and am working on getting some healthy lunches going. I am realizing that it can’t be a diet it has to be a lifestyle. So small steps! I think I need to get some goals, something I think and talk about but I end up getting overambitious and then just give in when I don’t follow through. I am my own worst enemy. Boo! I have to stop that. More to come. Time to leave work almost! I’m not a fan of Mondays but they actually are the quickest day of the week usually. I saw the cartoon below after publishing and had to add it.

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