a long weekend

and I neglected my blog and generally did not do so well with my goals at all. I am not going to beat myself up too much but I can do better Here’s how it started. Friday was a good day but lunch at Topper’s was a bit much and then a  Tutti Fruitti Yogurt with my niece was over the top. I suppose I shouldn’t feel too bad…I am an Aunt who likes to spoil…but I did more than spoil my niece I spoiled my diet or my lifestyle…trying to make better choices but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I get into this mode where I say to myself…it’s not fair that everyone else gets to eat what they want…”well life’s not fair” my daddy would say. So anyway Saturday was decent but Sunday was another bad day foodwise. Hubby and I went to The Getty. After wondering the magnificant pavillions of artwork, artifacts, and sculptures, we had a nice lunch at The Restaurant. I had the braised short ribs in a mashed Yukon Potato with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach in a red wine reduction. Not exactly light for brunch, but the meat was so tender and juicy and delicious. Kept me full for hours. I am bummed I have no pictures as I misplaced my camera. It did bum me out a lot but I tried to turn the day around and I think I did. I hope so for my hubby’s sake. Well today is a new day and I am excited to get going to my Total Body Cuts class tonight after work. Well off to get some work done, change and get the heck out of here!! Back tomorrow with more. Week 2 is almost done.

A busy weekend

I wanted to post progress on my daily goals dailyJ  but the weekend was a busy one. Saturday was supposed to be a day of catching up at home on chores; cleaning, laundry, sorting and throwing crap out, etc. It turned into a perfect beach day nice day in Hermosa. Last minute plans called me to the beach and I was so happy it did. Well partly happy, the good part was Karen and I enjoyed a nice long bike ride along the beach however we needed to after indulging a little bit too much on the Happy Hangovers and Mimosas along with a pizza for me and a turkey burger for her. This pizza was huge but loaded with good stuff: red and green bell peppers, black beans, mushrooms and some cheese. I ate all of one half and then scraped the veggies and cheese on the other half, leaving the bread behind. I thought it would save me a few calories and compensate for the alcohol a little. All in all a great lunch! Then on for a 12 mile or so bike ride back and forth from Hermosa to Marina Del Rey. It was just an awesome day at the beach. I needed to head back home to hubby and to an anniversary dinner no less. We like to have a nice dinner on our anniversary each month. I knew I would be feasting on some delicious food hubby prepared and it was indeed yummy. First up rib-eye steak, twice-baked potatoes, some broccoli but I have to say I am blanking on that part, then a nice sesame ginger dressing salad nicely topped with some shrimp. Then it was a scrumptious lava cake from Trader Joe’s topped with some premium vanilla ice cream also from TJ’s. Oh and least we not forget a nice dessert wine we bought from Red Soles Winery on our Valentine’s weekend in Paso Robles.

On to Sunday and it’s not much better at least as far as calorie counting goes. The morning started off with a nice bowl of Oat Revolution oatmeal and a peach along with a mini luna lemon zest bar on our drive down to the LA County Museum of Natural History. We headed down there for hubby’s class and spent a couple of hours looking at the many exhibits there. I’d have to say my favorite was the North American Mammals Hall. The dioramas were so realistic and beautiful. I even learned a few things too.

After spending a few hours there and the drive home we decided to have some Thai food which consisted of delicious crab cheese wontons and some traditional pad Thai. A nice and filling lunch but I was hungry after the museum and I have to say I was well satisfied for most of the afternoon. Took a nap, woke up and got ready for the next stop, the in-laws for Father’s Day dinner, which consisted of fried chicken, cornbread, a salad topped with eggs, bacon and some tomatoes and then for dessert a chocolate frosted marble cake along with a little ice cream. I truly went overboard this weekend. I haven’t even gotten on the scale but I am ready to take on the week and speaking of that I need to head out to go to my Total Body Cuts class. The first goal week ends tomorrow so I will have weekly goals to recap too tomorrow night or the next day.

Aloha Friday

I am so happy it’s Friday! I am looking forward to 3 o’clock when I get off work. I know it’s going to be a nice weekend. First up though is a quick stop by Trader Joe’s for some fruit, pita chips and maybe some rice or penne pasta. I saw a really good recipe I might want to try this weekend on Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet/Life blog website. I’ve really liked her since seeing her in Clueless and although I have NO plans on going vegan I can and do appreciate what looks like a delicious vegetarian recipe. Pasta alla Formiana actually came by way of Kind Life by way of Little House of Veggies by way of Giada De Laurentiis. I love that it looks simple, easy and feeds a lot. I think it will work for some lunches next week. Then home to attempt a workout from the new mytrainerbob dvds from Bob Harper I just received in the mail yesterday. I talked about these a few days ago and they finally arrived. After watching a good portion of them earlier today I’m not sure I should be so happy. These dvds look intense. One girl looked like she was going to cry. I am kind of excited though as I love a good workout. It’s not easy getting me there but I feel great after. Then a nice dinner cooked by hubby Robb and shared with Brad and my mom. It should be a nice evening. I know Mattie will enjoy a nice walk tonight too. And finally a progress report on goals for yesterday. All daily goals were met. I also mailed the registration form for the 4th of July race so we are set there…let the training begin. Next up plan workouts for week.

I love my smoothies

so much. I just finished my old standby of peanut butter chocolate smoothie that I found on the Jillian Michaels website. I modified it this morning to add some chocolate milk. I recently won a couple of coupons for Horizon Organic Chocolate milk and picked one up over the weekend. I was hoping to reward myself after a long run…well a 3 mile one and have a nice cup. However, the weekend was a bit of a kickback…mainly yesterday so no runs and no real exercise to speak of. So I am back on track this morning and decided that I better get to using this delicious milk…So back to my smoothie and the chocolate milk. Normally I use:

1 cup  almond milk
1 tbls organic natural peanut butter
1 medium banana
1 cap full of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
Ice – as much as you like usually  1 1/2 cups.

So today I used a little less almond milk (3/4 cup) , the same amount of peanut butter, same size banana, half a cap of protein powder and then added the yumminess of 1/2 cup of organic chocolate milk. It tasted pretty much the same but slightly more creamy which I like. Made me think I was indulging in a nice chocolate milk shake. To top it off it has nearly the same amount of calories: 385 calories for breakfast. This should hold me till lunch because of the protein, which I like but I could have a small snack and not go drastically over my calorie allowance. I use Livestrong.com to track and was given a goal of 1367 to aim for each day, but usually shoot for around 1500 especially if I exercise which I will today. I am heading to my favorite class after work today…Total Body Cuts at Total Woman  and home to spend some time with hubby watching some shows before they take our DVR away ;-(.

I am also looking forward to my lunch today which will be a nice hot bowl of Progresso Reduced Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup, a small slice of sourdough bread and a side of steamed spinach with some balsamic vinegar…pure yumminess.

Snacks for today include a slice of string cheese, some fruit (melons, pineapple and grapes) and some new yogurt which I am trying a new flavor Boysenberry Pomengrante of a brand I’ve had before called YoPlus. It does have about 110 calories and contains some sugar, but I figure it is better than artificial sweeteners. I know I could do better, but I have a hard time with plain yogurt. On to dinner which will be a surprise as hubby has not yet told me what we are having, but if all goes well I should have about 450 calories left for dinner. So I should be good. Off to finish some work and get changed for class in about an hour!!

What do you eat?

February 1st I started tracking all that I eat on the Daily Plate now a part of the livestrong.com website. It’s amazing how quickly the calories add up and how fast you have zero calories left for the day. I accessed the website a long time ago and entered some statistics about myself and then it calculated how many calories I should eat in order to lose, for me, 1 lb a week. 
The calories for me are 1358 or so. What I like about this website it that it calculates the micronutrient ratio of foods you consume. For example, 53% carbs, 14% protein, 33% fat. After tracking a few days, it was easy
for me to see that even though I consume good carbs (like fruits and vegetables), my percentage of carbs is still higher than I would like and probably why I have felt really hungry this week.  I can modify my eating and change my diet to include more protein. Another aspect of why I like this website is that it creates meals from the items you frequently eat, making it easier to track your calories. I also like that it tracks water comsumption as well. On a side note I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 142.5. This as you will recall is the same as when I recorded my stats last Friday, but for me it was a big accomplishment, as my weight had increased to 144 last week. Thanks to journaling my food I am back on track as far as eating and losing a little weight, but I know I have to exercise to see more results. More to come…

I forgot to add that the DailyPlate also has an app that can be downloaded to your PDA, making for no excuses for not tracking what you eat. Oh and also the website has tons of other information. ..so give it a vist.

WATER – How Much Water You Need to Drink Today

How Much Water You Need to Drink Today
Hydration Calculator

These are my results from About.com’s hydration calculator.
Click above to find out how much water you need to drink. Do it for each day as it can vary.

A person who is 143 pounds
and is exercising for 15 minutes ,
is not pregnant,
is not breastfeeding,
does not live at a high altitude,
lives in a dry climate,
drinks 2 alcoholic drink(s),
when the weather is not very hot or very cold,
and is not sick with fever or diarrhea should have:

97 ounces of water today, or 2.9 liters.

If you eat a healthy diet, about 20 percent of your water may come from the foods you eat. If you eat a healthy diet you can drink 77.6 ounces of water today, or 2.3 liters.

Remember that water is the best source for your daily fluid needs. Other good beverages include milk, herbal teas, low-sodium broth, 100% fruit and vegetable juices. Soft drinks will also count toward your daily total of fluid, just remember that sugar sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices add extra calories to you daily diet that you don’t need.



Okay well they are not pretty but they are mine and we have to start somewhere. The holidays are usually bad for me and this year is no exception. I did try to stay away from the bad foods but honestly I could have done better period. Time to change that. 

Starting weight : 143.00
Height: 5’1″
Body Fat %: 35
Bust: 39.5
BMI: 27.1
Waist to Hip : 1.1

I calculated my BMI on the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The result is 27. This puts me in the Overweight category.  Here is the ideal:  Normal weight = 18.5-24.9. So we are close but will need to shed a few lbs. I also signed up about a month ago for the National Body Challenge on Discovery Health. They also calculate your BMI as well as you Waist to Hip ratio. I’ve posted a snapshot of my progress since December 10th, when I first joined. They have an 8 week challenge and then you can start another one after that if I remember right. The site is great for meal planning, exercise videos, workout ideas, recipes, and much more. I will see about posting a “before” picture in the next day or two as well as some specific goals. I am leaning towards losing at least 5 lbs before February 12, which is the day my hubby and I take off for a Romantic Valentine Wine Tasting Weekend. I’ll post more later today if I can.  It’s time for lunch: Lean Cuisine Vegetable Eggrolls.  

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