a long weekend

and I neglected my blog and generally did not do so well with my goals at all. I am not going to beat myself up too much but I can do better Here’s how it started. Friday was a good day but lunch at Topper’s was a bit much and then a  Tutti Fruitti Yogurt with my niece was over the top. I suppose I shouldn’t feel too bad…I am an Aunt who likes to spoil…but I did more than spoil my niece I spoiled my diet or my lifestyle…trying to make better choices but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I get into this mode where I say to myself…it’s not fair that everyone else gets to eat what they want…”well life’s not fair” my daddy would say. So anyway Saturday was decent but Sunday was another bad day foodwise. Hubby and I went to The Getty. After wondering the magnificant pavillions of artwork, artifacts, and sculptures, we had a nice lunch at The Restaurant. I had the braised short ribs in a mashed Yukon Potato with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach in a red wine reduction. Not exactly light for brunch, but the meat was so tender and juicy and delicious. Kept me full for hours. I am bummed I have no pictures as I misplaced my camera. It did bum me out a lot but I tried to turn the day around and I think I did. I hope so for my hubby’s sake. Well today is a new day and I am excited to get going to my Total Body Cuts class tonight after work. Well off to get some work done, change and get the heck out of here!! Back tomorrow with more. Week 2 is almost done.