A slight stepbackwards?

I made a decision to have lunch out today and normally that’s not a big deal but it is when it involves my weakness Topper’s Pizza. My intention was only to get a salad which except for the dressing is not so bad and head back to my desk. Once inside I gave in to the quick lunch idea, a small personal pizza and salad combo. I thought to mark St. Patrick’s Day I will top it with green bell peppers and my favorite roasted red peppers. It ended up looking more like a Christmas pizza than a St. Patty’s Day one. I headed back to eat at my office desk enjoying the salad and pizza. I tend to eat too fast but I could still tell I was getting a little full. The old me would have shoved every last bit of pizza in my mouth and have called it a day. I picked up the last piece and looked at it again. I asked myself “Do you really want this?, “Is it okay to just throw it away with others starving in the world? Yes I thought that, but more like it seems such a waste. At any rate I said to myself…it is okay. I set it back down, grabbed my other trash and threw it away. I know I indulged and not to make justifications, but I have been really hungry the past few days and I just felt like I needed it. I also have been the same weight for the past week and thought I might need to increase my calories and bust this plateau. Hopefully it won’t backfire. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!