A good night’s sleep

I went to pick up my second prescription for my back last night. It’s a muscle relaxer called Soma for short. I don’t recall the pharmacological name nor do I care all that much…because shortly after I swallowed the pill I was ready for bed. I wanted to stay up and finish the Biggest Loser but no go. I thought oh I can get up and watch a little in the morning….well that didn’t happen either. I slept a good long and hard sleep waking only to the sound of the alarm. I didn’t even hear the steady flow of rain on the roof trickling down the gutter. Still dark all I wanted to do was cozy up to Matilda and call out for the day. The idea of lounging around all day in pajamas drinking hot chocolate and watching TV sounded so appealing. Still does as I sit hear at work, but I thought I want to bank some hours and if I use leave it will be harder to do that. Plus I thought a few more days and then another 3-day weekend with Columbus Day off and a short week after.  I can make it. Time to get to work and make this do go by so I can get home to my wonderful hubby! I saw this pic and thought it was beautiful and kind of depicted the day here at the beach but not as pretty 😉