It only got worse

even after the Halloween candy was gone. The temptation to overeat was something I could not manage to resist and it has come back to bite me a big 10lbs. Yikes! What the hell happened? I know what happened. It was overeating, lack of exercise, and quite frankly I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I always seem to have this problem during the months of November and December. I give in to it all and say what the heck indulge in that 50th workplace potluck, bake a pie and make some cookies. All the rationalizations coming in the form of just waiting to make yet another New Year’s resolution to get back to the basics. I did manage to get a little motivation in the form of a note on the  Hollie Self, BL4 Facebook page. She has intiated a challenge to run a 5k in the month of March, specifically the weekend of 12-13th, her birthday weekend.  I already signed up for a 5k in Malibu and might even get a friend to join me and even hubby maybe??  We will have to see on both counts. Even though I have done several 5k’ s and even a handful of 10k’s I feel it is the perfect way to get back to exercising. I am still not quite in the mood to exercise. It’s been cold and the idea of a treadmill bores me, something I will have to work on. Really they are just excuses and not really good ones at that. I just have all these things I want to get done around the house and generally organizing my life. Exercise is taking a back burner even in this new year already. I have in the meantime cut back on my eating and am working on getting some healthy lunches going. I am realizing that it can’t be a diet it has to be a lifestyle. So small steps! I think I need to get some goals, something I think and talk about but I end up getting overambitious and then just give in when I don’t follow through. I am my own worst enemy. Boo! I have to stop that. More to come. Time to leave work almost! I’m not a fan of Mondays but they actually are the quickest day of the week usually. I saw the cartoon below after publishing and had to add it.


is what I found out I have and it explains why I am in some pain. I found this definition while doing research for this condition on the internet:  Spondylolisthesis is when one vertebra slips forward over the vertebra below it. I don’t know how or when I got this and I likely could have been born with it and was just asymptomatic until I aggravated the condition which caused the back pain. It could also have happened while young from a fall or some trauma as well as when an adult from a car accident or other trauma as well. My doctor pointed out that at this point it doesn’t really matter how I have it but rather to focus our attention to the best course of treatment. An x-ray determined my condition and I managed to find an image on the internet that best matches my actual x-ray. The doctor says it is a Grade II, so somewhere between 25-49% “slippage”.  

So the next step it looks like is a Physical Therapist. I am hopeful that my condition can improve enough for me to get back to exercising and I think it will. I think the PT will want me to exercise maybe not the kind I want but still it is some good news. The bad news is the cost. Unfortuately I have a $750 deductible for “other services”, so I will be footing the bill for the first part of this. I have to be optimistic that if I do what they recommend that I will get better soon and will not need as many sessions. I do feel relieved that I now know why I’ve had back pain, all be it minor till now, for a number of years. I’m looking forward to the PT and time will tell. All I know is that I DO NOT want back surgery so I’m going to work it hard!

I’m sitting here at work…

in pain. My aching back is giving me grief again and it’s quite literally a pain in the bum. I’m so looking forward to getting out of here and heading to the dr’s. I managed to get an appointment today. I’ll probably end up waiting an hour to see her but I finally have to address this back problem. I would take some medicine but I don’t want it to mask any pain…so I can tell her exactly where it hurts. I have been icing it pretty religiously at least 3 -4 times a day and that helps, but I’d like a permanent fix if that’s possible. I did first try the chiropractic route but just felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with that. I would feel relaxed and good while on the table and then when I stood up it was just as bad as before I got there. His approach is one of a gentle nature, which I can appreciate, but at the same time it just sometimes feels like all I need is a nice “cracking” and all will get better. Well I did take his advice and began to ice my back and take some ibuprofen, but I decided no more visits for now. I just feel like it’s a bigger problem that what a chiropractor can help with. The advice of ice and ibuprofen worked relatively well but I still have pain while sleeping and again when I would wake up in the morning. So now we will see what happens with the doc and what she recommends. Perhaps a physical therapist will be another option to look into. First things first.

Happy New Year…

…well sort of. I just finished year-end where I work. So I was thinking October 1st might be a good time to start fresh…well start again…towards improving my fitness and eating habits. I’ve been struggling with severe back pain for close to a month and have just started to feel better this past week….but during the past month I was feeling sorry for myself and would say to myself what the heck you can’t exercise….what’s the use…just have that extra serving or go ahead and eat that doughnut. I know it was really bad thinking but I was making so much progress in feeling stronger and having more endurance. I just felt so defeated in how my body let me down. I know it makes no sense to push yourself further down that hole but I did! Well now it’s time to make a change and for the better.

On a little bit of a side note but relating to my “justification” for eating poorly…I was listening to an episode of a really cool podcast called Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone. One of the questions the fit chicks answered was a question about self-sabotage. I think I suffer from that. Carla talks about how some fear success so they do anything to make them not succeed and others fear failure so they do things to ensure they fail and then they know! I think for me it’s more about a fear of succeeding. I have never been one to take praise very well so if I would succeed there would be all this attention that I just can’t deal with. I need to work on this.

So now I am hoping to accomplish a few things starting this “new year”.  I would like to continue to lose some weight. Specifically I want to get down to 130 for this first goal…so that’s about 10lbs give or take at this point. I’m not sure my exact weight. I will track it tomorrow. I think realistically this might take me about 2 months. I want to have a positive take on this but my back comes and goes. So exercise could be limited but I am learning that I might have to take preventive measures to ensure my back stays strong…like lots of stretching, especially the hamstrings all the time now and I’m prepared to do that. I also don’t want to risk further injury.  So I think a pound a week is a good start.

Next I hope to keep this blog more updated at least for my own accountability. Then I hope to start back at exercising. I hope to actually try that tomorrow. I will take my bike out for a ride along the lake. I usually do lots of hills for the cardio but it does put a strain on my back. So I have to take another cue from the Two Fit Chicks and START, specifically the S which stands for “S”etting yourself up for success.  If I push myself and fail then its no good for me and it’s too easy to go down that self-destructive path and that’s not the path I want! So against my fear of success I will take it slowly and feel good about it. Finally I want to keep to eating more healthfully. More posts to come later on all of this, hopefully tomorrow.

A Nice Surprise

Well besides the giveaway posts this has been a rather inactive time for writing on my blog. I am still not sure how I want this blog to work. I think it is going to have to be at my own pace and as time allows. I think where I get lost is that I struggle with a goal. So I need to set some. But enough about this for now.

The nice surprise is that I got on the scale and weighed in @ 138.5. I find this exciting to be where I was before I left for Paso and maybe even lower, I’ll have to check. I find this exciting as I had a few cheat days over the weekend. Wine, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, meat, mashed potatoes, and a lot more. I didn’t even really exercise.  I did really watch what I’ve been eating since Monday though. I’ve been trying to incorporate more protein in my diet.  For breakfast on Monday and Tuesday I drank a whey protein peanut butter chocolate smoothie. Then for lunches including today I’ve been eating more meat, veggies and some brown rice and trying to round out my meals by having a good share of protein, carbs and limited fat.

I also am getting back into my Monday night Body Cuts class.  It has actually turned into a Body Blast class but we still use some weights and I like the strength training a lot. Yesterday my plans had to change due to some last minute help that my nephew needed for his big science test he is having today. I have to admit I had to look up the words myself to refresh my memory. I don’t remember learning such advanced term when I was his age (11 and in the 5th grade).  I hope you did well my buddy. Then Brad our good friend came over for dinner. We had Trader Joe’s Portbello Mushroom raviolis in TJ’s Bolognese sauce and a nice side cesear salad. We skipped the garlic toast which was a good thing as we had an Apple Tart thingy topped with vanillia ice cream all from Trader Joes too.

Tonight I am going to try my hand at some more weight training and a yoga workout. First up is a body circuit workout by Jackie Warner and then a Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels.  I can feel some motivation coming back and it’s nice. Back to work!!

WATER – How Much Water You Need to Drink Today

How Much Water You Need to Drink Today
Hydration Calculator

These are my results from’s hydration calculator.
Click above to find out how much water you need to drink. Do it for each day as it can vary.

A person who is 143 pounds
and is exercising for 15 minutes ,
is not pregnant,
is not breastfeeding,
does not live at a high altitude,
lives in a dry climate,
drinks 2 alcoholic drink(s),
when the weather is not very hot or very cold,
and is not sick with fever or diarrhea should have:

97 ounces of water today, or 2.9 liters.

If you eat a healthy diet, about 20 percent of your water may come from the foods you eat. If you eat a healthy diet you can drink 77.6 ounces of water today, or 2.3 liters.

Remember that water is the best source for your daily fluid needs. Other good beverages include milk, herbal teas, low-sodium broth, 100% fruit and vegetable juices. Soft drinks will also count toward your daily total of fluid, just remember that sugar sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices add extra calories to you daily diet that you don’t need.