Day 1

Well I updated yesterday’s goal sheet. I wanted to be a little more specific and add some general goals. It mostly stayed the same. So on to the results for yesterday! I had a great day! I prepared a healthy breakfast (a smoothie), snacks (nectarine, blueberries and a mini luna bar), and lunch (salmon). I recorded all items on and the total calores for the day were 1627. So a tad over my goal of staying under 1600 calories. Water consumption was good though. Veggie and fruit goals met as well. We had a nice dinner of chicken w/ ricotta and a basil marinara sauce and some broccoli.

Oh and a bike ride at lunch yesterday added to day 1 of at least 3 days of exercise.  So all in all a good day yesterday! I did sort of reward myself with watching my new fav show Losing it with Jillian. I am thinking I want to change rewarding myself with TV  but I am having a hard time figuring out a daily reward. Is it necessary? I think a weekly goal might be better but I can see that keeping motivated is key and a little perk is always good. Next up I have to send in the paperwork for the 4th of July run as no online registration is available. Then plan out the remaining workout days and post on a calendar to place in the kitchen.
On a side note I just got notified that Bob Harper’s new DVD set is going to ship today and I was given a tracking number. I was hoping to get it today but it doesn’t look like USPS has actually received the shipment yet. I have not been thrilled with the handling of the information regarding the shipping and billing of the dvds. I hope they are worth the delay.  I ordered the 4 pack as it was the most economical. When I receive the DVDs I will complete a workout and possibly write a review. I am not sure I am any good at it but might give it a go. I look forward to a killer workout as that’s how it appears on the trailer on his site.

One more thing. I was listening to Rocco Dispirito today online on WOR radio in NY. He was filling in for another talk show host and he was talking about his new book Now Eat This. So on my way home I hoping to look it over. I am intrigued by the recipes being comfort food and all under 350 calories. All I ask is that there are pictures. I have a pet peeve about cookbooks not having photos. I better wrap this up as I need to leave work and get to Barnes and Noble.

I love my smoothies

so much. I just finished my old standby of peanut butter chocolate smoothie that I found on the Jillian Michaels website. I modified it this morning to add some chocolate milk. I recently won a couple of coupons for Horizon Organic Chocolate milk and picked one up over the weekend. I was hoping to reward myself after a long run…well a 3 mile one and have a nice cup. However, the weekend was a bit of a kickback…mainly yesterday so no runs and no real exercise to speak of. So I am back on track this morning and decided that I better get to using this delicious milk…So back to my smoothie and the chocolate milk. Normally I use:

1 cup  almond milk
1 tbls organic natural peanut butter
1 medium banana
1 cap full of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
Ice – as much as you like usually  1 1/2 cups.

So today I used a little less almond milk (3/4 cup) , the same amount of peanut butter, same size banana, half a cap of protein powder and then added the yumminess of 1/2 cup of organic chocolate milk. It tasted pretty much the same but slightly more creamy which I like. Made me think I was indulging in a nice chocolate milk shake. To top it off it has nearly the same amount of calories: 385 calories for breakfast. This should hold me till lunch because of the protein, which I like but I could have a small snack and not go drastically over my calorie allowance. I use to track and was given a goal of 1367 to aim for each day, but usually shoot for around 1500 especially if I exercise which I will today. I am heading to my favorite class after work today…Total Body Cuts at Total Woman  and home to spend some time with hubby watching some shows before they take our DVR away ;-(.

I am also looking forward to my lunch today which will be a nice hot bowl of Progresso Reduced Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup, a small slice of sourdough bread and a side of steamed spinach with some balsamic vinegar…pure yumminess.

Snacks for today include a slice of string cheese, some fruit (melons, pineapple and grapes) and some new yogurt which I am trying a new flavor Boysenberry Pomengrante of a brand I’ve had before called YoPlus. It does have about 110 calories and contains some sugar, but I figure it is better than artificial sweeteners. I know I could do better, but I have a hard time with plain yogurt. On to dinner which will be a surprise as hubby has not yet told me what we are having, but if all goes well I should have about 450 calories left for dinner. So I should be good. Off to finish some work and get changed for class in about an hour!!

A Nice Surprise

Well besides the giveaway posts this has been a rather inactive time for writing on my blog. I am still not sure how I want this blog to work. I think it is going to have to be at my own pace and as time allows. I think where I get lost is that I struggle with a goal. So I need to set some. But enough about this for now.

The nice surprise is that I got on the scale and weighed in @ 138.5. I find this exciting to be where I was before I left for Paso and maybe even lower, I’ll have to check. I find this exciting as I had a few cheat days over the weekend. Wine, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, meat, mashed potatoes, and a lot more. I didn’t even really exercise.  I did really watch what I’ve been eating since Monday though. I’ve been trying to incorporate more protein in my diet.  For breakfast on Monday and Tuesday I drank a whey protein peanut butter chocolate smoothie. Then for lunches including today I’ve been eating more meat, veggies and some brown rice and trying to round out my meals by having a good share of protein, carbs and limited fat.

I also am getting back into my Monday night Body Cuts class.  It has actually turned into a Body Blast class but we still use some weights and I like the strength training a lot. Yesterday my plans had to change due to some last minute help that my nephew needed for his big science test he is having today. I have to admit I had to look up the words myself to refresh my memory. I don’t remember learning such advanced term when I was his age (11 and in the 5th grade).  I hope you did well my buddy. Then Brad our good friend came over for dinner. We had Trader Joe’s Portbello Mushroom raviolis in TJ’s Bolognese sauce and a nice side cesear salad. We skipped the garlic toast which was a good thing as we had an Apple Tart thingy topped with vanillia ice cream all from Trader Joes too.

Tonight I am going to try my hand at some more weight training and a yoga workout. First up is a body circuit workout by Jackie Warner and then a Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels.  I can feel some motivation coming back and it’s nice. Back to work!!


Hey one of the blogs I follow has a great giveaway. “@MissyMaintains is giving away a $50 Safeway Gift Card and Fiber One Yogurt! Enter here:

It’s a great blog even if you don’t enter the giveway. Check it out!

On a side note…down to 139 this morning!!

Rethinking the Food Diary

I am already rethinking my food diary. I will post what I am eating and write a quick synopsis of the food and such, but I will not as I had originally intended post photos but occasionally, it’s just too much work. Stayed tuned for more. Thanks and off to class!!

Food Diary

Got a great idea to be more accountable for what I eat from I already keep a food journal on, but I’ve decided to take pictures of all I eat. Not only does it provide some accountability, it could prove to highlight some good for you foods.  I started doing this on February 25 and am going to post some pictures and a quick description of the food eaten…not quite a review but some insight into why I like it or if it’s new whether I would eat it again.

What do you eat?

February 1st I started tracking all that I eat on the Daily Plate now a part of the website. It’s amazing how quickly the calories add up and how fast you have zero calories left for the day. I accessed the website a long time ago and entered some statistics about myself and then it calculated how many calories I should eat in order to lose, for me, 1 lb a week. 
The calories for me are 1358 or so. What I like about this website it that it calculates the micronutrient ratio of foods you consume. For example, 53% carbs, 14% protein, 33% fat. After tracking a few days, it was easy
for me to see that even though I consume good carbs (like fruits and vegetables), my percentage of carbs is still higher than I would like and probably why I have felt really hungry this week.  I can modify my eating and change my diet to include more protein. Another aspect of why I like this website is that it creates meals from the items you frequently eat, making it easier to track your calories. I also like that it tracks water comsumption as well. On a side note I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 142.5. This as you will recall is the same as when I recorded my stats last Friday, but for me it was a big accomplishment, as my weight had increased to 144 last week. Thanks to journaling my food I am back on track as far as eating and losing a little weight, but I know I have to exercise to see more results. More to come…

I forgot to add that the DailyPlate also has an app that can be downloaded to your PDA, making for no excuses for not tracking what you eat. Oh and also the website has tons of other information. give it a vist.