Happy New Year…

…well sort of. I just finished year-end where I work. So I was thinking October 1st might be a good time to start fresh…well start again…towards improving my fitness and eating habits. I’ve been struggling with severe back pain for close to a month and have just started to feel better this past week….but during the past month I was feeling sorry for myself and would say to myself what the heck you can’t exercise….what’s the use…just have that extra serving or go ahead and eat that doughnut. I know it was really bad thinking but I was making so much progress in feeling stronger and having more endurance. I just felt so defeated in how my body let me down. I know it makes no sense to push yourself further down that hole but I did! Well now it’s time to make a change and for the better.

On a little bit of a side note but relating to my “justification” for eating poorly…I was listening to an episode of a really cool podcast called Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone. One of the questions the fit chicks answered was a question about self-sabotage. I think I suffer from that. Carla talks about how some fear success so they do anything to make them not succeed and others fear failure so they do things to ensure they fail and then they know! I think for me it’s more about a fear of succeeding. I have never been one to take praise very well so if I would succeed there would be all this attention that I just can’t deal with. I need to work on this.

So now I am hoping to accomplish a few things starting this “new year”.  I would like to continue to lose some weight. Specifically I want to get down to 130 for this first goal…so that’s about 10lbs give or take at this point. I’m not sure my exact weight. I will track it tomorrow. I think realistically this might take me about 2 months. I want to have a positive take on this but my back comes and goes. So exercise could be limited but I am learning that I might have to take preventive measures to ensure my back stays strong…like lots of stretching, especially the hamstrings all the time now and I’m prepared to do that. I also don’t want to risk further injury.  So I think a pound a week is a good start.

Next I hope to keep this blog more updated at least for my own accountability. Then I hope to start back at exercising. I hope to actually try that tomorrow. I will take my bike out for a ride along the lake. I usually do lots of hills for the cardio but it does put a strain on my back. So I have to take another cue from the Two Fit Chicks and START, specifically the S which stands for “S”etting yourself up for success.  If I push myself and fail then its no good for me and it’s too easy to go down that self-destructive path and that’s not the path I want! So against my fear of success I will take it slowly and feel good about it. Finally I want to keep to eating more healthfully. More posts to come later on all of this, hopefully tomorrow.

A quick post

before I head out of work and to my Total Body cuts class tonight. I look forward to this class a lot. I think it’s because I schedule the time to be there, it fits my schedule and usually after a weekend of indulging, which I am trying to stop, I need a good workout to start the week. I have to say my quads are still a bit sore from climbing a few flights of stairs at the Americana @ Brand in Glendale. We paid a visit there for hubby’s class. We parked on the 3rd level and walked up to the eighth level, then looked around for a cache (see here) to find out about that and walked down to our car on the 3rd level. I could tell I was in trouble when it hurt to walk down. I kept thinking what have I done. It’s only a few flights. Well the next morning on Sunday it was even worse. I stretched and massaged the quads and still this morning they are tight. So I am hoping this class will get the blood flowing and the stiffness away. Anyway I attached a photo as well. Gotta run!


I prefer to post about things going on with my journey but right now I am going to post another giveaway. This one is pretty cool.
It’s Gym In A Bag. The link to enter the giveaway is HERE.

It’s all you need to do a complete and effective workout at home. Rather than retyping all that you get in the kit, I’ve snagged a picture from the website. I was resistant to using bands but since using them in my Body Blast class I can see how great they work.

If only

things didn’t come up to interfere with workout plans. So I just found out my nephew has a school play tonight and I have to be there, well I don’t have to be there but it’s important to him. He’s in the 5th grade and is turning into quite the little man. So it will be good to see him, but I’m disappointed I won’t have time after work to get a run in or a bike ride like I wanted. I am followinng @mytrainerbob on Twitter and his challenge for today was a 10 mile bike ride. I thought this will be the perfect day to get that in and get me back to riding. Oh well work calls and first things first. Oh but before I sign off. I watched a great show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He is trying to change the unhealthiest city in America. I can’t wait to see more.  Click here to sign the petition.


Well I did a short workout on Tuesday night. I completed Day Tuesday on the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout DVD. It was a nce warm-up for 5 minutes and then a 1o minute workout for the upper body, which worked the triceps, chest, shoulders and biceps, then another 10 minute lower body workout, which worked the hamstrings, glutes and calves. I must say that it was enough of a workout for me. Other than a long 10 mile hike. I have not exercised in over a month…nothing. So I am happy I completed a lower level workout. Today is going to be busy, but tomorrow I am off so no excuses to get some exercise. Okay time for lunch….a wonderful Spicy Shrimp Soup made by my wonderful hubby. I bet it will taste even better today!