Delayed Workout…

Last minute work schedule changes – to arrive at 5AM 😦 – didn’t allow me to get to the gym this morning. So Day 2 Week 2 of the Jillian Michael’s WT workout might be delayed. I’m getting a little tired already so I’m not sure I’ll have that much energy after work but I am determined to make it happen. Hope to share it later! Happy Tuesday!!

Day 1 Week 2 Winning by Losing Workout by Jillian Michaels

and a 4 mile run before the workout. I was all warmed up from a 4 mile run. I had planned to meet hubby and Allison along the way but got a later start and ended up only catching up with them at the end for a cool down walk. My fastest pace to date…I think I might have to use this strategy again. 🙂 trying to catch up with people definitely makes you go faster. On a side note the Kinvara 2’s still feel great.

Now on to the resistance training. I won’t be posting the exact workout as it is the same as last Monday’s. This morning’s workout focused on chest, shoulders, triceps, quads and abs! Its the same 3 sets of 15 reps. About the only thing I altered from this workout and all subsequent ones more than likely will be the jumping jacks. I’ve been noticing a pain in my right ankle where I broke it about 10 years ago and it’s been extremely tender especially when barefoot. About the only thing I can contribute to it is the jumping jacks. I’m still going to evaluate that decision but for this week I will likely skip them. As a replacement I did some speed squats to get the heart rate going. I also kept up with doing mini-circuits within the larger circuits. I also felt like the pushups were getting a little easier…a little. Scale not too kind this morning but that’s not really a surprise since I indulged in my fav margaritas over the weekend. So for this week and likely beyond I will be limiting my wine and margarita intake. Happy Monday!!

Day 4 Week 1 Winning by Losing Workout by Jillian Michaels

I had a little trouble getting up and almost just turned off all my alarms this morning but I couldn’t bail on the last day of the first week now could I? My only real reservation was that I didn’t get but 1 run in this week and I wanted to do this work out and then get 3 miles in. Since I was waffling on going, I got a later start than I hoped and just managed to get a 30 minute workout and a 1 mile run on the treadmill. Here’s the workout for today focusing on back, biceps, hamstrings, glutes and obliques.

Circuit 1
Terry Pulls (almost forgot how to do these)
Side Lunges

Circuit 2
Close-G Pull Down
Leg Press

Circuit 3
Supermans  (not very good at these but gave it a good go)
Pelvic Thrusts  

Circuit 4
Hammer Curls (love these!)
Jumping Jacks
Plank Twists

Circuit 5
Reverse curls (not my favorite )
Jumping Rope (substituted jumping jacks)
50 Bicycles

I’ve been mixing it up a little by doing one set of reps then going on to the next exercise in the circuit and repeating for the next 2 sets. I think it’s helped a little to keep my heart rate up which will help my cardiovascular training. I finished the workout with a 1 mile run on the treadmill. Happy with the workout! Happy Aloha Friday!!

Day 3 Week 1 – Winning by Losing Workout by Jillian Michaels

I was very close to not going to the gym this morning.  I didn’t sleep well after a sort of a rough day yesterday.  I thought I could just postpone the workout and double up on it tomorrow. I got to thinking  that I’ll never get back to sleep, so I might as well get dressed and make it happen! So I did.  The workout for Day 3 repeats Monday’s workout with a few changes, still 3 sets of 15, working chest, shoulders, triceps, quads and abs.


Circuit 1
DB Chest Presses
Hack Squats (with a ball) (better workout than regular squats)

Circuit 2
DB Chest Flys
Sumo Squats

Circuit 3
Bench Dips (these get me every time)
Leg Extensions

Circuit 4
Shoulder Press
Jumping Jacks
Basic Crunches

Circuit 5
Kick Backs
Jump Rope (I substituted jumping jacks instead it gets the heart going)
Reverse Crunches (killer this morning but stretched out my sore abs) 

Day 2 Week 1 Jillian Michaels’ Winning by Losing Workout

I so wanted to sleep in this morning. Robb usually gets up early on Tuesdays and goes for a run so I thought with him up it would be easier. He got up but then decided to take a rest day…so there I was…do I workout or sleep…well I decided I’m up I might as well get my lunch and breakfast ready, pack my work clothes for after the gym and get dressed. I left a little after 5 and arrived at the gym by 5:15. The gym was nearly empty and no one was in the weights/machine section so I was very happy. Day 2 focuses on the Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Glutes and Obliques. Here’s the workout and my comments. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps for each circuit.






Circuit 1  
Wide-G Lat Pull Downs
Stiff-Leg Dead Lifts

Circuit 2
Medium-G Seated Cable Rows
Static Lunges

No real issues with these circuits.

Circuit 3
Back Extensions
Hamstring Curls

After my back injury and subsequent physical therapy I was told I should not do back extensions but I tried it anyway and I could feel it more in my hamstrings than anywhere else. So it was not so bad.

Circuit 4
Dumbbell Curls
Jumping Jacks (1 min)
Bicycle Crunches

Used 7lb weights for the dumbbell curls and by the second set I could really feel it.

Circuit 5
Concentration Curls
Jump Rope (1 min)
Russian Twists

This circuit went well. Russian twists are always a killer.

So tomorrow is a rest day. I might get a run in though! Happy Tuesday!

Resistance Training – Workout Day 1

Day 1 Week 1 – So after the 4th of July Lakeside Fun Run I headed over to the gym to start my new yet old familiar Jillian Michael’s Winning by Losing resistance circuit weight training program. Today the focus was on the Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads and Abs. The idea is to do 3 sets of 15 each for each circuit.

Circuit 1

Push-ups were harder than I thought they would be. I remember being stronger on these so I’m happy that I’ll be working on these.

Circuit 2
Dumbbell Chest Flys (8lb weights)
Sumo Squats

Not to much trouble with this circuit. Might use a little bit lighter weight for the flys next time.

Circuit 3
Bench Dips
Leg Extensions

Bench dips are always a bit hard after 2 sets but pushed through.

Circuit 4
Lateral Raises
Jumping Jacks (1 minute)
Basic Crunches

This circuit was good except I could really feel my calves working on the jumping jacks.

Circuit 5
Seated Tricep Extensions
Jump Rope (1 minute)

Did not have a jump rope so I jumped in place for 1 minute. I also added a few more tricep exercises with a machine. Ab work felt good too.

I will like these workouts better when I can move more freely around the gym but I got in the workout and feel good. Tomorrow is Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Glutes and Oblique Ab work! Day 2 tomorrow. Happy Fourth!

A quick post

before I head out of work and to my Total Body cuts class tonight. I look forward to this class a lot. I think it’s because I schedule the time to be there, it fits my schedule and usually after a weekend of indulging, which I am trying to stop, I need a good workout to start the week. I have to say my quads are still a bit sore from climbing a few flights of stairs at the Americana @ Brand in Glendale. We paid a visit there for hubby’s class. We parked on the 3rd level and walked up to the eighth level, then looked around for a cache (see here) to find out about that and walked down to our car on the 3rd level. I could tell I was in trouble when it hurt to walk down. I kept thinking what have I done. It’s only a few flights. Well the next morning on Sunday it was even worse. I stretched and massaged the quads and still this morning they are tight. So I am hoping this class will get the blood flowing and the stiffness away. Anyway I attached a photo as well. Gotta run!

Aloha Friday

I am so happy it’s Friday! I am looking forward to 3 o’clock when I get off work. I know it’s going to be a nice weekend. First up though is a quick stop by Trader Joe’s for some fruit, pita chips and maybe some rice or penne pasta. I saw a really good recipe I might want to try this weekend on Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet/Life blog website. I’ve really liked her since seeing her in Clueless and although I have NO plans on going vegan I can and do appreciate what looks like a delicious vegetarian recipe. Pasta alla Formiana actually came by way of Kind Life by way of Little House of Veggies by way of Giada De Laurentiis. I love that it looks simple, easy and feeds a lot. I think it will work for some lunches next week. Then home to attempt a workout from the new mytrainerbob dvds from Bob Harper I just received in the mail yesterday. I talked about these a few days ago and they finally arrived. After watching a good portion of them earlier today I’m not sure I should be so happy. These dvds look intense. One girl looked like she was going to cry. I am kind of excited though as I love a good workout. It’s not easy getting me there but I feel great after. Then a nice dinner cooked by hubby Robb and shared with Brad and my mom. It should be a nice evening. I know Mattie will enjoy a nice walk tonight too. And finally a progress report on goals for yesterday. All daily goals were met. I also mailed the registration form for the 4th of July race so we are set there…let the training begin. Next up plan workouts for week.

I was hungry

yesterday like I have not been in a long time. I am not sure why but I think it might have been the peach on the drive home. I love fruit but I think it makes me hungrier. Does this make sense? I think it’s my metabolism. So perhaps I am going to need to balance the fruit with some protein. I’ve read many times that each meal and snack should be a balance of carbs, protein and fat to keep one more satiated. So I guess I better start doing that. I struggle with this because of the limit on my calories and also not feeling satisfied and full with what I eat. Well something to think about. On to a review of the goals from yesterday. The only exception to the accomplishment of all the daily goals was the calories. My limit is 1600 and the total for the day was 1654. I say close enough and really good for me. 
I was happy getting on the scale this morning too. Down 2 lbs to 138. I have not been having a glass of my favorite Vihno Verde Espiral wine from Trader Joe’s with dinner. I think it is helping with the weightloss. So I might even have to cut out wine for awhile but I get to thinking that when you ban something you want it even more…like my dark chocolate snack so I treat myself to a little piece each day. I just really love it. So all in moderation.  I snagged a pic of the wine to post. It’s not the boldest wine but I like it and it’s quite reasonable @ 4 bucks a bottle. Okay well I suddenly have a ton of work to do…so I better get to it so I can get home and see if mytrainerbob sent me a DVD well 4 actually. I am excited. I can’t wait to see what they are all about! I’m hoping for a good sweat!!

I Need Goals!!!

A quick post before I head to the gym for my favorite class Body Blast. I’ve been reading some blogs today and noticed a lot of talk about goals and goal setting and I think I finally need to get going on some. I just signed up for a 10k in June. So I realized that if I want to improve my time from the last one I need to getting going on a plan and some goals. I also have been stagnating with the weight loss. I seem to reward myself when I exercise with food. I heard on an old Jillian Michaels podcast that she thinks it’s foolish to reward yourself with a cookie or a glass of wine. It makes no sense!! I can hear her now. So that needs to stop. So tonight some realistic goal setting must happen. I have some ideas so I will leave it for now and my next post. Gotta run! Well not literally…not for now anyway 😉

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