Aloha Friday

I am so happy it’s Friday! I am looking forward to 3 o’clock when I get off work. I know it’s going to be a nice weekend. First up though is a quick stop by Trader Joe’s for some fruit, pita chips and maybe some rice or penne pasta. I saw a really good recipe I might want to try this weekend on Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet/Life blog website. I’ve really liked her since seeing her in Clueless and although I have NO plans on going vegan I can and do appreciate what looks like a delicious vegetarian recipe. Pasta alla Formiana actually came by way of Kind Life by way of Little House of Veggies by way of Giada De Laurentiis. I love that it looks simple, easy and feeds a lot. I think it will work for some lunches next week. Then home to attempt a workout from the new mytrainerbob dvds from Bob Harper I just received in the mail yesterday. I talked about these a few days ago and they finally arrived. After watching a good portion of them earlier today I’m not sure I should be so happy. These dvds look intense. One girl looked like she was going to cry. I am kind of excited though as I love a good workout. It’s not easy getting me there but I feel great after. Then a nice dinner cooked by hubby Robb and shared with Brad and my mom. It should be a nice evening. I know Mattie will enjoy a nice walk tonight too. And finally a progress report on goals for yesterday. All daily goals were met. I also mailed the registration form for the 4th of July race so we are set there…let the training begin. Next up plan workouts for week.

I was hungry

yesterday like I have not been in a long time. I am not sure why but I think it might have been the peach on the drive home. I love fruit but I think it makes me hungrier. Does this make sense? I think it’s my metabolism. So perhaps I am going to need to balance the fruit with some protein. I’ve read many times that each meal and snack should be a balance of carbs, protein and fat to keep one more satiated. So I guess I better start doing that. I struggle with this because of the limit on my calories and also not feeling satisfied and full with what I eat. Well something to think about. On to a review of the goals from yesterday. The only exception to the accomplishment of all the daily goals was the calories. My limit is 1600 and the total for the day was 1654. I say close enough and really good for me. 
I was happy getting on the scale this morning too. Down 2 lbs to 138. I have not been having a glass of my favorite Vihno Verde Espiral wine from Trader Joe’s with dinner. I think it is helping with the weightloss. So I might even have to cut out wine for awhile but I get to thinking that when you ban something you want it even more…like my dark chocolate snack so I treat myself to a little piece each day. I just really love it. So all in moderation.  I snagged a pic of the wine to post. It’s not the boldest wine but I like it and it’s quite reasonable @ 4 bucks a bottle. Okay well I suddenly have a ton of work to do…so I better get to it so I can get home and see if mytrainerbob sent me a DVD well 4 actually. I am excited. I can’t wait to see what they are all about! I’m hoping for a good sweat!!

Day 1

Well I updated yesterday’s goal sheet. I wanted to be a little more specific and add some general goals. It mostly stayed the same. So on to the results for yesterday! I had a great day! I prepared a healthy breakfast (a smoothie), snacks (nectarine, blueberries and a mini luna bar), and lunch (salmon). I recorded all items on and the total calores for the day were 1627. So a tad over my goal of staying under 1600 calories. Water consumption was good though. Veggie and fruit goals met as well. We had a nice dinner of chicken w/ ricotta and a basil marinara sauce and some broccoli.

Oh and a bike ride at lunch yesterday added to day 1 of at least 3 days of exercise.  So all in all a good day yesterday! I did sort of reward myself with watching my new fav show Losing it with Jillian. I am thinking I want to change rewarding myself with TV  but I am having a hard time figuring out a daily reward. Is it necessary? I think a weekly goal might be better but I can see that keeping motivated is key and a little perk is always good. Next up I have to send in the paperwork for the 4th of July run as no online registration is available. Then plan out the remaining workout days and post on a calendar to place in the kitchen.
On a side note I just got notified that Bob Harper’s new DVD set is going to ship today and I was given a tracking number. I was hoping to get it today but it doesn’t look like USPS has actually received the shipment yet. I have not been thrilled with the handling of the information regarding the shipping and billing of the dvds. I hope they are worth the delay.  I ordered the 4 pack as it was the most economical. When I receive the DVDs I will complete a workout and possibly write a review. I am not sure I am any good at it but might give it a go. I look forward to a killer workout as that’s how it appears on the trailer on his site.

One more thing. I was listening to Rocco Dispirito today online on WOR radio in NY. He was filling in for another talk show host and he was talking about his new book Now Eat This. So on my way home I hoping to look it over. I am intrigued by the recipes being comfort food and all under 350 calories. All I ask is that there are pictures. I have a pet peeve about cookbooks not having photos. I better wrap this up as I need to leave work and get to Barnes and Noble.


is what I felt after running about a 1/4 mile yesterday…but I kept going and managed to run about a mile and a half…well run a little, walk a little. You have to start somewhere after not running for awhile. I did think to myself, WHY am I running? I saw cyclists go by and I was thinking I could be doing that instead. I then refocused and thought running is the best cardio and the best way to shed some pounds…so I persevered. I kept thinking I have to train for the Love Run in June and perhaps a trial 5k in April. I then got to my car and felt good about what I had accomplished. I thought I am nice and warmed up and ready to do some Yoga to stretch myself out and unwind. So when I got home. I put Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown in the DVD player and got going. I started with Level 1, even though I’ve done lots of yoga and Pilates I thought it best to start slowly. I am glad I did. Most of the moves were tried and true Yoga, but Jillian mixes it up with a little more movement than a traditional yoga class and adds in some holds for the heck of it. She did a round of Sun Salutations, Warrior poses and of course some plank moves, which really work the core as well as the shoulders and triceps. The practice lasted about 32 minutes or so including a short warm up and a quick cool down. I felt really good but I had a nagging feeling in my throat that I was getting sick and my glands seemed swollen. I guess I am getting sick. I thought that could explain my exercise induced asthma coming on stronger than normal. I thought this is really crappy. I am just getting back into the swing of things and whammo…a little setback…but we all need some rest. So today I rest. Tomorrow is another day.

A Nice Surprise

Well besides the giveaway posts this has been a rather inactive time for writing on my blog. I am still not sure how I want this blog to work. I think it is going to have to be at my own pace and as time allows. I think where I get lost is that I struggle with a goal. So I need to set some. But enough about this for now.

The nice surprise is that I got on the scale and weighed in @ 138.5. I find this exciting to be where I was before I left for Paso and maybe even lower, I’ll have to check. I find this exciting as I had a few cheat days over the weekend. Wine, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, meat, mashed potatoes, and a lot more. I didn’t even really exercise.  I did really watch what I’ve been eating since Monday though. I’ve been trying to incorporate more protein in my diet.  For breakfast on Monday and Tuesday I drank a whey protein peanut butter chocolate smoothie. Then for lunches including today I’ve been eating more meat, veggies and some brown rice and trying to round out my meals by having a good share of protein, carbs and limited fat.

I also am getting back into my Monday night Body Cuts class.  It has actually turned into a Body Blast class but we still use some weights and I like the strength training a lot. Yesterday my plans had to change due to some last minute help that my nephew needed for his big science test he is having today. I have to admit I had to look up the words myself to refresh my memory. I don’t remember learning such advanced term when I was his age (11 and in the 5th grade).  I hope you did well my buddy. Then Brad our good friend came over for dinner. We had Trader Joe’s Portbello Mushroom raviolis in TJ’s Bolognese sauce and a nice side cesear salad. We skipped the garlic toast which was a good thing as we had an Apple Tart thingy topped with vanillia ice cream all from Trader Joes too.

Tonight I am going to try my hand at some more weight training and a yoga workout. First up is a body circuit workout by Jackie Warner and then a Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels.  I can feel some motivation coming back and it’s nice. Back to work!!


Well I did a short workout on Tuesday night. I completed Day Tuesday on the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout DVD. It was a nce warm-up for 5 minutes and then a 1o minute workout for the upper body, which worked the triceps, chest, shoulders and biceps, then another 10 minute lower body workout, which worked the hamstrings, glutes and calves. I must say that it was enough of a workout for me. Other than a long 10 mile hike. I have not exercised in over a month…nothing. So I am happy I completed a lower level workout. Today is going to be busy, but tomorrow I am off so no excuses to get some exercise. Okay time for lunch….a wonderful Spicy Shrimp Soup made by my wonderful hubby. I bet it will taste even better today!

Exercise Finally

Well tomorrow is Saturday and I am so looking forward to the day off. First on the list besides sleeping in is to clean up the workout area in the garage. It’s gotten a little run over with leaves, piles of bags and other stuff as the holidays have come and gone, exercising falling by the wayside. I will post pictures tomorrow after the cleanup. I am excited to clean this area up and use one of the DVD’s I received for Christmas. It is the Biggest Loser’s Last Chance Workout. I also bought Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training DVD. I will post reviews after  I complete a workout. One goal this weekend is to workout at least 2 times. Okay time for bed or perhaps a little reading. The Abs Diet for Women. This blog is coming along…it makes me happy. Goodnight!!