Happiness is a serious problem

I’ve been focusing mainly on my diet, but I think another important aspect worth mentioning is happiness. I think I will start from the beginning on this and my journey to being a happier person. I’m not there yet but I think I have improved greatly. The first time I heard about being a happier person was on the Dennis Prager Radio Show. I can’t remember when exactly I first heard about this, but it’s been awhile now and I still find it one of things that could make the world a better place, certainly on the micro level, to paraphrase Dennis Prager himself. So my first recommendation is to read his book, Happiness is a Serious Problem. I think I might even revisit it myself and post something around a theme in the book. I am also a huge fan of his Happiness Hour on Friday mornings @ 10am PST. Find him on KRLA870 in Los Angeles. He is also syndicated. Give him a listen; he is awesome on so many levels. I don’t always agree with him, but on happiness he rocks!

Exercise Finally

Well tomorrow is Saturday and I am so looking forward to the day off. First on the list besides sleeping in is to clean up the workout area in the garage. It’s gotten a little run over with leaves, piles of bags and other stuff as the holidays have come and gone, exercising falling by the wayside. I will post pictures tomorrow after the cleanup. I am excited to clean this area up and use one of the DVD’s I received for Christmas. It is the Biggest Loser’s Last Chance Workout. I also bought Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training DVD. I will post reviews after  I complete a workout. One goal this weekend is to workout at least 2 times. Okay time for bed or perhaps a little reading. The Abs Diet for Women. This blog is coming along…it makes me happy. Goodnight!!