I finally ran

it wasn’t much but I decided that after taking off a week I had to get back out there and get a run in. My original plan was to do a loop around our condo complex but then I forgot I was supposed to pick up some chicken from my mom and the idea struck me…why not run to my mom’s house. The tricky part was that I knew I would never get back in time for dinner so I had to take a chance my mom would not drive over herself and secondly she would have to take me back home and of course she drove me home. Mind you also…it’s only less than 2 miles away and the first part, about a 1/2 mile is all down hill. I tell you though it was a really good run. I am not sure if it was because I was starting the run going downhill or if it was the new tunes from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry blasting in my ear. It all seemed to flow just right.

It also might have had something to do with watching a NOVA special about taking people off the street and training them for a marathon. It’s called Nova: A Marathon Challenge. It’s on Hulu I think or PBS. It made me think if they can take people with no previous athletic skills or routine exercise and train them for a full marathon I should be able to train for a half as overwhelming as that seems at time. At any rate I feel like I’m going to be heading in a better direction this week and that makes me happy. Happy running!!


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