Come Rain or Come Shine

I have to go for a run. I might have to hit up the dreaded treadmill at the gym but it must happen. I have been procrastinating all week for one reason or another and mostly none of them are good enough. It’s just easier not to and today of all days it seems there is going to be a big rain storm…well anytime it sprinkles in LA it’s a big deal but this one just might be a good storm. I have to get going on my 1/2 marathon training or I will never make it. So run it is! Maybe a run in the rain?? On a side note I must say I did not meet my water consumption goal for yesterday! I made it to 5 glasses only. So today I am going for the goal again. I am also having yummy soup for lunch and will need the extra water. So let’s see what happens!!


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