A simple goal

to drink more water! That’s my little goal for the day. It’s a struggle to drink water but I figure it’s good for me. I’m always a little thristy. I think because I probably consume just a little too much sodium and simply don’t drink enough water. I’ve also been on a soup kick for the past week and they are full of salt! But they just seem to hit the spot and keep me full for the afternoon. I’ve also been weening myself off Diet Coke even the caffeine free one. I don’t mind water so much and I find it better than most of the “flavored-water” drinks that are out there. Either they are full of artificial sweeteners or sugar (yes evaporated cane juice /sugar…is sugar” so water it is going to be. I’ll be having soup today but I’m hoping between the extra water drinking and the low-sodium (if you can call it that) soup I should be good. I am also hoping it will help with the weight loss as well. Ok back to work and Cheers to water!!


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  1. boyonabudget
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 12:24:49

    I bought a bag of lemons last week and cut up one in a 1/2 gallon pitcher of water in the fridge. The little extra flavor is helping me drink more water. I still prefer iced tea or Coke Zero – I’ve not drank a soda in over a week. The headaches were HORRIBLE the first 2 days. But I survived and I’m doing much better this week.
    Good luck with your goals!!


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