I let myself go

I seem to be letting myself go. I don’t care what I eat or how much. I have let myself go. I have plain and simple. I have no excuses at all. All I can say is that I am still feeling defeated about my back issue. On Friday I found out I have only one physical therapy appointment left which is today. So I will if I need more from the PT guys and then a check-in with my doctor on Thursday. Perhaps I will get more PT and then hopefully an answer to when I can start really exercising. I just want to feel better without taking an anti-inflammatory all the time.

I want to do the exercise I dread to start but once I get going makes you sweat and in the end makes you feel like a million bucks good. I want that again. 

So I decided to start anew today. I did still have some chocolate today which is my weakness for sure. However I did not over indulge like I had a couple of times these past couple of weeks. I really did have a mini binge I think…no it was a binge. I ate way too much candy. I did.

So now it’s time to stop this pity party and make some changes. I have a goal pending approval from the PT guys and my doc and that is to run a 5k Turkey Trot. I have a little over 4 weeks and I think it’s manageable. Well time to go to PT! More news to follow.


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