I’m sitting here at work…

in pain. My aching back is giving me grief again and it’s quite literally a pain in the bum. I’m so looking forward to getting out of here and heading to the dr’s. I managed to get an appointment today. I’ll probably end up waiting an hour to see her but I finally have to address this back problem. I would take some medicine but I don’t want it to mask any pain…so I can tell her exactly where it hurts. I have been icing it pretty religiously at least 3 -4 times a day and that helps, but I’d like a permanent fix if that’s possible. I did first try the chiropractic route but just felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with that. I would feel relaxed and good while on the table and then when I stood up it was just as bad as before I got there. His approach is one of a gentle nature, which I can appreciate, but at the same time it just sometimes feels like all I need is a nice “cracking” and all will get better. Well I did take his advice and began to ice my back and take some ibuprofen, but I decided no more visits for now. I just feel like it’s a bigger problem that what a chiropractor can help with. The advice of ice and ibuprofen worked relatively well but I still have pain while sleeping and again when I would wake up in the morning. So now we will see what happens with the doc and what she recommends. Perhaps a physical therapist will be another option to look into. First things first.


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