the scale was kind this morning

and I am back on track. Down to 138. Week 2 ended with a nice long run at lunch. I decided at the spur of the moment to extend my lunch time run by going a little further down the road and then loop back. I had no idea how much more this would add on to the run, but I was pleased when I got back to track it and found out it was 3.38 miles. I had debated about going because of a pain along the back of my right thigh, but I felt good and decided to keep going. It seems to feel a little easier to run. I’m not saying I love running but I am beginning to see the appeal. Plus, for me it was ideal weather, overcast, cool and even some mist. I continued to feel good after the run but while I was home walking Mattie. I got a shooting pain in my leg and up my back a little and for a second I couldn’t move. I kept walking and got home and finally broke down and took some Aleve. I woke up this morning and there was a little pain but so much better. Going to take today and tomorrow off and then run again Friday, take off Saturday and then do the Fourth of July run on Sunday. 

All this running talk reminded me that I wanted to post a little something about 2 documentaries about running I discovered on Hulu and watched over the past week or so. The first was Spirit of the Marathon which followed runners from the professional athlete to the amateur training for the Chicago Marathon. I especially liked following the stories of the first-time marathoners. It was inspiring to watch these runners train long and hard, struggle with doubt and injuries, and finally realize that they accomplished their goal.  I highly recommend this film.

The second was The Long Green Line which as Hulu’s synopsis says is a Cross Country Running documentary about legendary coach, Joe Newton, and his quest for his 25th Illinois State Title in 50 years, as he teaches boys how to be men. I so wish that more kids had access to coaches like Joe Newton. I guess my one take away was not about the elite members of his team, but all those boys who wanted to be on the team even if they would never help win a meet. All Coach Newton asked of his boys what that they finish what they started. It’s a simple yet powerful statement and can be used in any aspect of life not just sports and that’s how Newton sees it. I would recommend this film as well and it’s free to watch on Hulu for now. Time for lunch!

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