Back on Track

and I am feeling better. After entering all my food for the weekend I was not happy. I didn’t realize how quickly calories add up. I knew I blew it but not as bad as I thought. The scale was not kind either. Current weight this morning 139. Weight from a week ago was 140. So I am on track for losing a pound a week but if I stayed on course I could have done so much better. I also got to thinking that I won’t be able to achieve my goals if I take two steps back and only move one step forward. Cheat days just aren’t going to cut it. 

So I made the tomato pasta dish Pasta alla Formiana that I posted from a couple days ago. I have to say I was a little disappointed by my creation. Perhaps it was the additional veggies I added to the dish or over cooking it but the pasta was soggy. I think the biggest culprit and contributing factor might have been the brown rice penne pasta I used. I think it takes too well to absorbing liquid from the veggies that it just became a pile of mush. I plan on trying it again but might have to wait awhile. I think the easiest solution to non soggy pasta is just to cook it as you want to eat it. Lesson learned.


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