A busy weekend

I wanted to post progress on my daily goals dailyJ  but the weekend was a busy one. Saturday was supposed to be a day of catching up at home on chores; cleaning, laundry, sorting and throwing crap out, etc. It turned into a perfect beach day nice day in Hermosa. Last minute plans called me to the beach and I was so happy it did. Well partly happy, the good part was Karen and I enjoyed a nice long bike ride along the beach however we needed to after indulging a little bit too much on the Happy Hangovers and Mimosas along with a pizza for me and a turkey burger for her. This pizza was huge but loaded with good stuff: red and green bell peppers, black beans, mushrooms and some cheese. I ate all of one half and then scraped the veggies and cheese on the other half, leaving the bread behind. I thought it would save me a few calories and compensate for the alcohol a little. All in all a great lunch! Then on for a 12 mile or so bike ride back and forth from Hermosa to Marina Del Rey. It was just an awesome day at the beach. I needed to head back home to hubby and to an anniversary dinner no less. We like to have a nice dinner on our anniversary each month. I knew I would be feasting on some delicious food hubby prepared and it was indeed yummy. First up rib-eye steak, twice-baked potatoes, some broccoli but I have to say I am blanking on that part, then a nice sesame ginger dressing salad nicely topped with some shrimp. Then it was a scrumptious lava cake from Trader Joe’s topped with some premium vanilla ice cream also from TJ’s. Oh and least we not forget a nice dessert wine we bought from Red Soles Winery on our Valentine’s weekend in Paso Robles.

On to Sunday and it’s not much better at least as far as calorie counting goes. The morning started off with a nice bowl of Oat Revolution oatmeal and a peach along with a mini luna lemon zest bar on our drive down to the LA County Museum of Natural History. We headed down there for hubby’s class and spent a couple of hours looking at the many exhibits there. I’d have to say my favorite was the North American Mammals Hall. The dioramas were so realistic and beautiful. I even learned a few things too.

After spending a few hours there and the drive home we decided to have some Thai food which consisted of delicious crab cheese wontons and some traditional pad Thai. A nice and filling lunch but I was hungry after the museum and I have to say I was well satisfied for most of the afternoon. Took a nap, woke up and got ready for the next stop, the in-laws for Father’s Day dinner, which consisted of fried chicken, cornbread, a salad topped with eggs, bacon and some tomatoes and then for dessert a chocolate frosted marble cake along with a little ice cream. I truly went overboard this weekend. I haven’t even gotten on the scale but I am ready to take on the week and speaking of that I need to head out to go to my Total Body Cuts class. The first goal week ends tomorrow so I will have weekly goals to recap too tomorrow night or the next day.

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