I was hungry

yesterday like I have not been in a long time. I am not sure why but I think it might have been the peach on the drive home. I love fruit but I think it makes me hungrier. Does this make sense? I think it’s my metabolism. So perhaps I am going to need to balance the fruit with some protein. I’ve read many times that each meal and snack should be a balance of carbs, protein and fat to keep one more satiated. So I guess I better start doing that. I struggle with this because of the limit on my calories and also not feeling satisfied and full with what I eat. Well something to think about. On to a review of the goals from yesterday. The only exception to the accomplishment of all the daily goals was the calories. My limit is 1600 and the total for the day was 1654. I say close enough and really good for me. 
I was happy getting on the scale this morning too. Down 2 lbs to 138. I have not been having a glass of my favorite Vihno Verde Espiral wine from Trader Joe’s with dinner. I think it is helping with the weightloss. So I might even have to cut out wine for awhile but I get to thinking that when you ban something you want it even more…like my dark chocolate snack so I treat myself to a little piece each day. I just really love it. So all in moderation.  I snagged a pic of the wine to post. It’s not the boldest wine but I like it and it’s quite reasonable @ 4 bucks a bottle. Okay well I suddenly have a ton of work to do…so I better get to it so I can get home and see if mytrainerbob sent me a DVD well 4 actually. I am excited. I can’t wait to see what they are all about! I’m hoping for a good sweat!!


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