Day 1

Well I updated yesterday’s goal sheet. I wanted to be a little more specific and add some general goals. It mostly stayed the same. So on to the results for yesterday! I had a great day! I prepared a healthy breakfast (a smoothie), snacks (nectarine, blueberries and a mini luna bar), and lunch (salmon). I recorded all items on and the total calores for the day were 1627. So a tad over my goal of staying under 1600 calories. Water consumption was good though. Veggie and fruit goals met as well. We had a nice dinner of chicken w/ ricotta and a basil marinara sauce and some broccoli.

Oh and a bike ride at lunch yesterday added to day 1 of at least 3 days of exercise.  So all in all a good day yesterday! I did sort of reward myself with watching my new fav show Losing it with Jillian. I am thinking I want to change rewarding myself with TV  but I am having a hard time figuring out a daily reward. Is it necessary? I think a weekly goal might be better but I can see that keeping motivated is key and a little perk is always good. Next up I have to send in the paperwork for the 4th of July run as no online registration is available. Then plan out the remaining workout days and post on a calendar to place in the kitchen.
On a side note I just got notified that Bob Harper’s new DVD set is going to ship today and I was given a tracking number. I was hoping to get it today but it doesn’t look like USPS has actually received the shipment yet. I have not been thrilled with the handling of the information regarding the shipping and billing of the dvds. I hope they are worth the delay.  I ordered the 4 pack as it was the most economical. When I receive the DVDs I will complete a workout and possibly write a review. I am not sure I am any good at it but might give it a go. I look forward to a killer workout as that’s how it appears on the trailer on his site.

One more thing. I was listening to Rocco Dispirito today online on WOR radio in NY. He was filling in for another talk show host and he was talking about his new book Now Eat This. So on my way home I hoping to look it over. I am intrigued by the recipes being comfort food and all under 350 calories. All I ask is that there are pictures. I have a pet peeve about cookbooks not having photos. I better wrap this up as I need to leave work and get to Barnes and Noble.


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