is what I felt after running about a 1/4 mile yesterday…but I kept going and managed to run about a mile and a half…well run a little, walk a little. You have to start somewhere after not running for awhile. I did think to myself, WHY am I running? I saw cyclists go by and I was thinking I could be doing that instead. I then refocused and thought running is the best cardio and the best way to shed some pounds…so I persevered. I kept thinking I have to train for the Love Run in June and perhaps a trial 5k in April. I then got to my car and felt good about what I had accomplished. I thought I am nice and warmed up and ready to do some Yoga to stretch myself out and unwind. So when I got home. I put Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown in the DVD player and got going. I started with Level 1, even though I’ve done lots of yoga and Pilates I thought it best to start slowly. I am glad I did. Most of the moves were tried and true Yoga, but Jillian mixes it up with a little more movement than a traditional yoga class and adds in some holds for the heck of it. She did a round of Sun Salutations, Warrior poses and of course some plank moves, which really work the core as well as the shoulders and triceps. The practice lasted about 32 minutes or so including a short warm up and a quick cool down. I felt really good but I had a nagging feeling in my throat that I was getting sick and my glands seemed swollen. I guess I am getting sick. I thought that could explain my exercise induced asthma coming on stronger than normal. I thought this is really crappy. I am just getting back into the swing of things and whammo…a little setback…but we all need some rest. So today I rest. Tomorrow is another day.


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