Today’s a good day!

I started thinking that I could be sad that it’s my dad’s birthday today and I can no longer share it with him. It’s hard to believe that he passed away almost 12 years ago. I just told my hubby to think about one thing that is good or to be happy about and it triggered me to write this post. I could wallow in not having a father to share all life’s blessings and struggles for the past 11 years and the future, that he never got to meet his grandchildren (my niece and nephew), that he never got to meet my husband, a wonderful caring man much like my himself, that he just died too soon. Instead I focus on all the wonderful memories we had. I am grateful to have had my daddy for as long as I did. Getting teary eyed.

So more good…the good thing about today is that 6 years ago today my hubby Robb reached out and sent me a Smiley to my online dating profile and I reached back. We call it our smiley anniversary and I knew it meant something even back then. Well tonight we celebrate our smiley and first date combined and it’s going to be great! I love you hubby!

I am lucky girl…an incredible daddy and a wonderful husband. Happy Day All!!


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