I’m back

Had a great time with hubby in Paso Robles and drank too much wine! So the weight I lost before our weekend has vanished and I am pretty much where I was when I first started this blog. I have new stats as of February 19, 2010.
Weight 142
Body Fat % 35
Bust 39.5
Waist 35.5
Belly 41.25
Hips 35

I changed the measurements to get a better feel of where I am losing the weight when I do. So I have new waist measurements from the true waist and then also from the fattest part of my belly ;-).
So since the days of these measurements. I am down to 141. It’s been a struggle this week and last, as I’ve had a busy busy week. Still no time nor as much motivation as I would like to get a workout in.

I did find something while reading SHAPE magazine that has motivated me to get back to my blog. I was reading about success stories in the January issue and found one weight loss success stick with it secret which is to share your meals and what she does is to post photos of everything she eats for her blog missymaintains.com

So I am going to start to do this and I’ve already taken pictures of my breakfast, snack, lunch and my afternoon snack which I will eat on my way home before a delicious and likely calorie laden dinner, but we will control our portions to be sure.  So the next post will be coming when I can upload photos. Should be interesting. I definately think about what I am going to eat as I have to take a pic. Well off to see my nephew who turns 11 today and my niece.


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