What do you eat?

February 1st I started tracking all that I eat on the Daily Plate now a part of the livestrong.com website. It’s amazing how quickly the calories add up and how fast you have zero calories left for the day. I accessed the website a long time ago and entered some statistics about myself and then it calculated how many calories I should eat in order to lose, for me, 1 lb a week. 
The calories for me are 1358 or so. What I like about this website it that it calculates the micronutrient ratio of foods you consume. For example, 53% carbs, 14% protein, 33% fat. After tracking a few days, it was easy
for me to see that even though I consume good carbs (like fruits and vegetables), my percentage of carbs is still higher than I would like and probably why I have felt really hungry this week.  I can modify my eating and change my diet to include more protein. Another aspect of why I like this website is that it creates meals from the items you frequently eat, making it easier to track your calories. I also like that it tracks water comsumption as well. On a side note I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 142.5. This as you will recall is the same as when I recorded my stats last Friday, but for me it was a big accomplishment, as my weight had increased to 144 last week. Thanks to journaling my food I am back on track as far as eating and losing a little weight, but I know I have to exercise to see more results. More to come…

I forgot to add that the DailyPlate also has an app that can be downloaded to your PDA, making for no excuses for not tracking what you eat. Oh and also the website has tons of other information. ..so give it a vist.

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