Let’s Get Physical :-)

Well I slacked over the weekend. My goal of exercising did not happen. I can’t blame it on anything. I was just lazy. It was cold and rainy and I was just plain tired. I want to jump back into it and get going today. I tend to jump back in and go full force and workout at the hardest level, but I think I will follow a slower more habit forming workout agenda. I watched a little bit of the BL Last Chance Workout and it seems to be a good way to get back into exercising. It’s divided into 3 levels, set up by week. Weeks 1 & 2, weeks 3 & 4 and weeks 5 & 6., each getting a little more challenging. It’s also shows you a weekly Plan. For example Monday is the Last Chance Workout and Tuesday works the Upper and Lower Body, Etc. So tonight it will be a strength training workout. I have tons of other workout and will make a plan to alternate them as variety is key. Then a walk with Mattie while I listen to a Fat2FitRadio podcast. It makes the walks go by quickly while I learn a little bit about keeping fit and losing weight.  Well a few more things to finish here at work and then off to the market and then home to exercise.


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